The shows can be 1 x 60 minute spot or 2 x 45 minute spots with break mid way. We can provide a professional DJ if required who will link into our system and entertain the crowd prior to the show for an extra fee.


 A fantastic sound, controlled by sound engineer Nick Jons consisting of 4 JBL sub bass bins driven by 2  Crown k2 amps plus 2  high mid tops powered by 1  QSC power light amp, in all 5000 watts of power with senheiser channel 38  radio microphones and full in ear monitor systems. Add to this a fully programmed light show  with its own technician with years of experience, Grae, he lights up the venue with his beams through haze not smoke and full black and gold custom ABBA back drops, to put any crowd in the mood for a dance.

Carrie Nicol an established solo tribute artiste for many years now, never ceases to amaze you with another show she has arranged and choreographed dedicated to the girls from ABBA.  Carrie has performed her tributes to SHANIA TWAIN and DEBBIE HARRY for several years, now ABBARELLA is also leaving its mark every where they play. Carrie herself has made the costumes to replicate abba's originals and choreographed the steps throughout the show.
Since a young age she has performed in the Carrie Nicol Country Band from Liverpool, going on to be the lead vocal in top northwest duo Picasso Moon.  Entertaining the bikers on the Isle Of Man during TT week 2 years on the run as Blondie and travelling up and down the country with the Shania Twain show.  She just can't see herself doing anything else. 

Recently joined Alysha plays the role of Frida in the show, she takes on Fernando, take a chance and money money money  perfectly every time,  Alysha is no stranger to the circuit after playing Frida for 6 yrs in 2 of the UK's top abba tribute bands her sweet voice gels perfectly with Carrie in harmony and in unison. 


Nick Jons a well traveled and experienced guitarist for many years has performed in some of the UK's top acts and tribute shows an original member of the Carrie Nicol Country band and also top Northwest duo Picasso Moon he was the technical genius behind Blondie tribute Sunday Girl and lead guitar vocals in Raging 80's band he currently deps for 70's tribute show Kookachoo and 80's Gold but Bjorn is his first choice at the moment Nick is reputably known for his superb sound and knowledge of almost any PA equipment available on the market and keeps the band up to the minute with technology.


Dave James excellent keyboard/piano player from Cheshire is new to the band after playing in fabulous New Wave electric band Lemon Whiplash Dave is a team player and is enjoying working with us all so here's to many gigs together.

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